Recognized for luxurious yet approachable spaces, Pimlico’s refined style is at home with traditional, rustic and modern interiors alike.  Whether your project involves full-scale interior design or construction oversight, we handle every last detail of your project, collaborating with architects, builders and craftsmen.  We work tirelessly to ensure your vision becomes your reality.

Melissa Lindsay, co-owner and principal of Pimlico Interiors describes the Pimlico design mission this way:  “I help shape and define my clients’ vision while creatively pushing them just enough to create a home that is optimally functional, beautiful and better than what they expected.”


If you have a smaller design project, are looking to freshen up your home, or want to finally put the finishing touches on a room, this service was made for you. Pimlico Polish caters to clients who do not require the full-scale re-design offered by Pimlico Interiors.  Our Polish service will find ideal furniture pieces and accessories that elevate the design of your room. How does it work?  We meet with our clients in their homes to come up with a cohesive design scheme that honors the current space, but adds depth and dimension delivering a more “polished” look.

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