Jane Beiles

Interiors photographer, Jane Beiles, knows a thing or two about beautiful homes, so when the time came to move her family to a charming 1916 cottage in New Canaan, she wanted to create her own picturesque space. Beiles recruited designer and friend Melissa Lindsay of Pimlico Interiors to add a modern twist to the whimsical, historical home.

What was your first impression upon meeting Melissa? What four words would you use to describe her?

I could think of a hundred with no effort She is wonderful! But the four words I would choose are: kind + thoughtful + polished + tasteful.

“The house had so much charm from the start. We only had to add to it and amplify it.”

Melissa Lindsay

How was Pimlico able to execute a designthat was personalized for your family?

Our family had definite ideas about the “feel” we wanted for our home and have a decades long collection of books, art and photography that we wanted to incorporate into our design. Pimlico brought in a wonderful perspective that kept our home design in line with the spirit of our family history while balancing our personal wishes for the space. Melissa listened carefully to our input and what we hoped to execute. She brought an expert design eye of scale and aesthetics with a modern perspective to the overall design of our home, keeping the walls and furnishings as a soothing background to our collections. Every book on the shelf has meaning to us. All our accessories are thing we love rather than trendy objects and Melissa understood the importance of that to us.

“Every book on the shelf has meaning to us; all our accessories are things we love rather than trendy objects.”

Jane Beiles

Was Melissa hands-on throughout the process? How so?

Oh, yes! Melissa had an opinion, an expert hand and eye that noticed everything! She looked at every book cover we put on our family room shelves (keep the book jacket on or shed it if the under binding was more attractive or a better color), she inspected every flower cut for the styling of our photo shoots (was the branch long enough to pop out at the right height of the vase), she came to our home for every delivery, every step in the process and kept constant communication with our architect and builder.

What’s your favorite piece or part of the home Pimlico did?

I love everything Melissa did, but I am particularly grateful for the guidance she gave on updating the matting and framing on a group of mid-century works on paper that we already owned, and were lovely, but not presented in the right format for our new home. They were re- matted and framed in a very inventive way that made the work shine-a-new in our new (old) space. Oh! And the floating shelf that Melissa designed and drew for our small entry way is exquisite perfection in scale, design and execution.

What do you feel is special about Pimlico’s services?

Melissa adds a human and wonderful kindness and spirit to everything she touches. She’s an exceptional persona and her spirit shines through her work.

Would you work with Pimlico again and/or recommend them to your friends? Why?

Paul and I would be honored to recommend Pimlico Interiors to friends. They are talented, kind, creative and inventive professionals. Pimlico offers everything that one would seek out in a design collaboration.

“The biggest challenge was to keep the balance between contemporary and cottage charm.”

Melissa Lindsay
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